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Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven Review

The Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven can be a great appliance for the kitchens with a limited counter-top space, so small that it could be placed in pantries, shelves, or cup boards. The case is made from reinforced stainless steel, the design is attractive and its interface is very simple. In this toaster oven review the most important features of the Breville Smart Oven will be revealed.


This toaster oven uses a special technology for cooking called Element IQ, which means the device is smart enough to set the power of heating elements for allowing a proper cooking of different food types. A good example can be when people bake goods. The external part of the goods is not hardened, because the cooking is made evenly. In order to achieve this, the power of the device decreases to 1500 Watts, while the heat is transmitted to the top and bottom elements.

For toasting, the goods have to be cooked evenly on each side, and they will not end-up dried out inside. This is achieved by using 1800 Watts of power for transmitting the heat to the four elements, as it will help crisping the external part of goods rapidly. Different cooking functionalities can be selected by turning a dial. In order to modify the temperature or the time, you can use the buttons called TEMP and TIME. After you press the buttons, you can adjust these two parameters using the ARROW buttons. There is another button, called START/CANCEL, which you can use for activating the function.

In the next phase, the counting will start and the timer will be shown on the screen. At the end of the cooking phase you will know that you need to stop Breville Smart Oven, as it will be ring three times. This sound may seem too loud for some people. Not only the cooking function can be adjusted, but there are other friendly features that you will surely enjoy.
One of these characteristics can be the wire rack tips that you can find on the door side. In this way you can have the required references for using the proper rack position for every setting you choose. A funny, but also useful feature is the presence of the A BIT MORE TIME button, which is meant for situations in which you may want to toast and heat your goods. The device uses its memory to provide the cooking time automatically, depending on the function that you choose. Cleaning the device is not hard, because the crumb tray can be taken out if you access it from the front. Also the equipment has a temperature safe nonstick coated interior, for making cleaning easier.


As a conclusion, the Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven is a sophisticated piece of technology using Element IQ features for providing perfect cooking results. Even if the price is not too low, you could enjoy using this special product, which has a compact structure and can be the best toaster oven that you can find at this size.

Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven Review

The Breville BOV650XL Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven is a toaster oven that has almost the same features as Breville BOV800XL, which is the best toaster oven available on the market. The only difference is that BOV650XL does not occupy such much space. In this toaster oven review you will see that the product can be the best you can find with such user friendly characteristics and that occupies such a small countertop space.

The really small footprint of this toaster oven can make it perfect for people who own a small kitchen or less countertop space. If you want the best device for pure toasting, you can have the benefit of a device that preheats more rapidly than a toaster oven that has a larger capacity.

The compact structure of the oven can make it more efficient. The size can allow you to place sandwiches, small pizzas and other smaller foods. The device can be a good choice for those who need a compact piece of equipment in their kitchens and still be able to fit different types of foods in it.

A unique feature of the equipment in comparison to other toaster ovens can be the technology called Element IQ. In this way, most of the power is used for heating exactly when it is needed. This can make the program suitable for the majority of cooking tasks, but the results may not be perfect. Because of this technology a lot of energy can be saved.
The toasting time is automatically adjusted in order to allow the device to cool if it is still warm after it was used recently. The Smart Oven has eight presets: bake, broil, pizza, toast, reheat and cookies. These presets can be great, as they eliminate the guesswork of setting temperatures sand time that is involved in the use of other ovens. Specific temperatures correspond to every preset, but you can customize each of them to suit your preferences and the device will remember them the next time you use it again.

Even if the BOV650XL does not have any major inconveniences, there are some smaller ones, like lack of a convection fan. This specific feature is usually present in high-end toaster ovens and it can be a disappointment that it was not included in this model. The reason for which this feature was not implemented is not known, especially because this Breville Smart Oven is not very cheap.

Another odd thing is that there is another missing feature: there is no auto-eject function for the rack. Because of this, people will have to manually pull the rack out oven
in order to get the food. It is strange because, even lower-end toaster ovens can have a mechanism that automatically takes the rack out while you open the door.

Comparison between Breville BOV650XL and Breville BOV800XL
When somebody wants to buy a high-end toaster oven and wants to choose the BOW650XL model, he or she could also check the bigger version, Breville BOV800XL. The second device is two inches wider and one inch taller. The first equipment type can occupy less space on countertops, due to its smaller footprint. If you have a small kitchen, then the first device can definitely be your best choice. The countertop space can be a valuable thing, case in which choosing a smaller toaster oven can be better. Also, if you don’t want to use the device for anything else than making bagels, toasting bread or only for small foods, the more compact solution can be more suitable for you. The small size can be a lot more efficient. The only disadvantage of the compact version may be that items like chickens, baking pans, hams, cookies sheets, or larger pizzas may not fit and this can limit a lot the variety of foods that you can cook. The smaller device does not have convection capabilities and this can also be a drawback.

As a conclusion, if you are in the need for a high-end appliance that can function awesomely like a toaster, the Brevill BOV650XL Compact Toaster Oven can be the best choice. For this purpose, this product could be the best toaster oven on the market. But, for overall baking, the small size can be a drawback. You can use it well if you occasionally want to make cookies or muffins. If you have less space to use and you will use the Breville Smart Oven only for its main purpose (as a toaster), there is no reason not to choose this great device.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven Review

In recent years many of the companies which specialize in household appliances have turned their attention to the world of toaster ovens; they are compact, affordable and very practical. A number of models and products have already been released by various famous companies,  including Krups, Black & Decker, Oster, Hamilton Beach, Kitchenaid, Breville, DeLonghi and Cuisinart. Though there are a few choices to make, there are many out there who believe that getting a Breville BOV800XL would be the best choice, and so what follows is a review of the best toaster oven on the market.

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Element IQ Cooking Technology

Because it is a smart oven it has been built using Element IQ technology, and to explain it as simply as possible, it automatically adjusts the power of the heating elements (there are five of them, each made of quartz) so as to ensure the food is cooked evenly. In other words, this is a sophisticated system capable of intelligently distributing the heat across the entire oven so as to make the cooking process that much more efficient. As if that wasn’t already enough, this smart oven is equally capable of regulating the wattage on its heating elements, whether manually or automatically, giving one much greater freedom in terms of cooking possibilities (most other ovens have a fixed wattage that cannot be changed).

Another reason as to why this is the best toaster oven is the fact that it can be used to cook virtually any type of food in either small or big portions. Whether one is trying to heat up cookie dough, pizza rolls, or perhaps even roast a four-pound chicken, the Breville smart oven will get the job done with outstanding results in the blink of an eye. It never falters, offering a very consistent performance; barring human errors, the food will always come out cooked to perfection, and as many food testers have claimed, the results are often better than what can be accomplished in a traditional oven.

Easy to Use

Though this part of the toaster oven review isn’t very long (nor is it the most important), it is still worth mentioning that the Breville BOV800XL is one of the most user-friendly models out on the market. It comes with an LCD screen which clearly displays all the information one could need. The various settings, such as the time and the temperature, are all regulated with the help of knobs rather than annoying buttons. There are very few icons to get acquainted with, with there being only three of them; one for convection, another one for temperature conversion, and a last one for frozen food mode.

Pretty much all of the functions on the machine are spelled out clearly, meaning no time will be spent in vain attempts to decipher the meaning behind small images. In order to use it, one simply needs to choose a function, set the time as well as the temperature, and then just hit the start button. When the oven is done pre-heating a beeping signal will let the user know, after which an automatic timer will be displayed. When that timer reaches zero, the food is ready and the oven turns itself off automatically.

The Benefits of the BOV800XL

There are plenty of little advantages and conveniences to getting the Breville smart oven, with the first one being the inclusion of magnetized areas which automatically pop the rack out halfway when the contraption is open. The addition of this neat little feature actually makes it much less risky for the user to put his/her food as well as retrieve it; with other ovens, there is almost always the possibility of burning oneself. Also, the door handle always remains cool regardless of what the temperature the oven is at.

In addition to that, it ought to be mentioned that this toaster oven is bigger than most of its competitors. It has a total of 0.8 cubic feet of space and is capable of providing room for a 13-inch pizza or a 13 by 9 inch cake pan (without handles). Also, a 12 by 12 inch baking pan and a13 inch non-stick pizza pan come included with the whole package as a little bonus.

One of the greatest problems people have with toaster ovens is that they are complicated to clean, especially in the case of an accident. When it comes to the BOV800XL, the cleaning becomes nothing short of a walk in the park. The inside of the toaster oven is made from a material to which food doesn’t stick, making stain removal a breeze. Also, this model comes equipped with a crumb tray at the front, making for a very convenient removal of any small pieces of food that might be littering the oven.

Finally, it ought to be said that the BOV800XL is one of the quietest and most efficient toaster ovens money can buy. Regardless of which settings it is on, it will produce virtually no sound, and because of all the pre-programmed settings one never has to jerk around with the controls before finding the correct regulation.

A Technical Issue

There is nothing perfect in this world, and the same goes for the Breville smart oven. In particular, there is one flaw with this model which may irritate some people, and it’s the length of the cord: it measures only three inches. Though it certainly isn’t the biggest problem and can be solved quite efficiently with a simple extender (or rearranging the position of your appliances), it is a minor issue that will bug you at the start.


With all the things discussed in this toaster oven review being taken into consideration, it can be safely said that the Breville BOV800XL smart oven is one of the best models available in the market. It wins in virtually every category, being eye-pleasing, easy to use, simple, extremely efficient and convenient. Though it is true that its price tag is somewhat high at around $250 (depending on where it is purchased from), its features make it more than worth it. If you are seeking quality above all else, then this is certainly a toaster oven you will have to take into consideration.

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